DAYZE // 2013 =Dear AMERICA= from panash1995 on Vimeo.

DAYZE // 2013 =Dear AMERICA=

The sunlight that I have been dreaming about. The red blood flowing around my brain. I feel tingle with excitement, and the ground start rumbling. I give myself completely to the sound of wave and palm leaves scratching each other, I give my self completely to the song of history keep on flowing.
We are heading to wherever unknown. I asked, once again, to my dream that it has already exhausted.
Scowling MEVIUS, smoke, up in the sky, look daggers at, bitterness, pain.
We sing driven by an impulse to, just like an our blues.
We make our dream resound as red and impermanent.
by DAYZE // Ryosuke Horii

Translated by Kenji Kato / SCRATCH PAPER WORKS

夢に見たあの太陽の日差し 脳に流れ満ちる赤色の光 血が騒ぎ 地がざわめく
すれる 椰子の葉と波の音に身をゆだねて 変わりゆく時代の歌に身をゆだねて
俺達は今日もどこへと向かう 疲れ果てた夢にもう一度 俺はそっと問いかけた
しがむMEVIUS 煙 上空に 睨む 苦み 痛み
衝動に 刈られ歌う 俺達はブルースの様に
赤く儚い 夢をここに響かせた...